Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese

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Raw milk cheese made on the family farm in Lincolnshire. When it first came out in 1992 it was so popular that customers at the village shop were limited to just a quarter of a pound each. Now with a string of awards to its name, Lincolnshire Poacher is still a firm favourite.

Brothers Simon and Tim run Ulceby Grange Farm on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds, near Alford, where every morning at 5am fresh milk from their 280 cows is piped into the tiny creamery.

Around 28 cheeses are made each day and then left for 18 months for their tangy, sweet flavours to develop.

The result is somewhere between a hard continental cheese such as Comte and a West Country cheddar.

Every batch is taste tested and each is different depending on everything from the weather to how the cow was feeling – usually stress free thanks to an automatic cow massager – according to Simon and Tim the happier the cow, the more delicious the cheese.

Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese Dairy & Eggs
Delicious range of cheeses made by hand on the family daisy farm


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Ulceby Grange,
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Contact Name: Mr Timothy Jones

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